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Vision Statement
To become the Regional Center for pediatric continuing medical education.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of Continuing Medical Education is to:

• Raise the level of care by providing high quality continuing medical education for all health care providers for children in the region, including pediatric physicians and surgeons, family physicians, pediatric physician assistants, pediatric APRNs, and nurses.

• Assess the needs of our health care providers to develop educational programs that improve their professional satisfaction and competence.

• Provide practical, up-to-date continuing medical education activities utilizing a variety of educational formats, including contemporary technologies and Enduring Activities.

• Reflect the importance of evidence-based medicine in the educational content.

• Establish effective methods to assess the impact of educational content on practitioner behavior, delivery of care, and on patient outcomes.

• Meet or exceed both legal and continuing education standards established by the Joint Commission, the State of Connecticut, Connecticut State Medical Society, and the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education.             

Last Updated and Approved by Board of Directors: 5/25/2017